Hey there, I'm interested in playing Steely Dan songs. The classics, like Reelin'.. Kid Charmelagne, Peg and such.
I can play ACDC songs and solos pretty solid, and a few funk exercises.
Besides articulation and 'tone chasing', is there anything else I should focus on the Steely Dan songs?
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ok some of the Dan songs do have some quirky rhythmic chord progressions and some voicings are more pianistic .. now the solos are a totally different animal..top of the line studio players..all the players on the Dan are top of the line..

if you can get the sheet music or a Dan songbook..
play well

I'd say the articulation is most of the challenge with this style of music. In terms of dynamics it's pretty much the opposite of AC/DC. To get that smooth, sensitive sound you have to spend some time playing without any backing tracks, really focusing on how your technique affects your tone. On a lot of their tunes, the guitar is taking up a pretty small space in the overall mix, even on solos, so the key is to use your technique for communication and expression rather than speed or intensity.