Upgrading from Fender Squier Bullet - Squier Vintage Modified 70s ($300) or save up for MIM ($700) ?

Hi, i have a Fender Squier Bullet strat (that cheap one made in indonesia) and since i've been playing for quite some time i wanted to get something better, i've been thinking about buying a squier vintage modified 70s ( http://www.zzounds.com/item--SQU0301227 ) but while it looks great i'm not sure i'll actually notice any difference... i know that the best way to find out would be to go to a store and try it but unfortunately there isn't any close so maybe someone here knows both of them and can give me their opinion.
Obviously i'd rather get a MIM but here in europe it's close to $700 and used ones are not much cheaper, the squier costs 300.

Any thoughts would be great, thanks!
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normally I'd say MIM but at those prices I dunno. a MIM is $600 now in the US so not a huge price hike but as mentioned not cheap. the Squier isn't a bad guitar but 70s in name only. if you can afford better then go for it otherwise the Squier will work.