So I've recently purchased a presonus audiobox usb audio interface.

I'm now looking to get a new pair of speakers to run through them but I'm a little confused as to the world of studio monitors.

What I'm looking for is a decent set of speakers primarily for everyday use - bit of youtube, some music, and gaming.
I will also be using them to play guitar through (guitar rig 5) and maybe a tiny bit of mixing.

Studio monitors supposedly sound too flat for everyday use and make music listening a boring experience.
I also need the speakers to have the 1/4" jack to plug into the interface

I guess budget would be around £200ish

Any advice on what sort of thing would be most appropriate for me would be super helpful, thanks guys
I have KRK Rokit 8's. I think they've just moved to a Generation 4, but there's really not all that much different between the current generation and original Gen 1 or Gen 2. Mine have around 100W each, distributed 75W/25W LF/HF. Monitors like this are more or less flat response precisely so that you can EQ things however you like them. But there's a ton of bass response if you need it. I picked the 8's precisely because I didn't want to have to add a subwoofer right away, but KRK has 10" and 12" subs (with over 200W) that will do everything you could possibly want in a medium room.

I'm using them for keys, modeled guitar and a bit of bass. I was using them for TV, but have a sound bar/sub specifically for that now.

If you hunt, you can find a pair for $200 (here in LA) to around $250. Dunno what's in the You Kay.
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For 200 pounds, you don't need to worry that studio monitors will sound too flat.

Studio monitors are expensive and for 200 pounds, even entry level stuff is a bit over budget it seems. You could get something like a KRK RP5 or look into Yamaha HS5's. Presonus does a cheap monitor I believe and Mackie has a set as well, but I don't have any experience with those. Tannoy does low-budget monitors as well and I've heard those are pretty nice for the budget.

I personally have a set of KRK's. Not the best monitors you can buy at all, but they sound nice for multimedia-use and once you get used to your monitors, you can still mix on them.
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At 200, you can look into tannoy reveal 402

I have the Tannoy 802, they are everything but flat... Speakers rock. I can lite up the whole house if I want to. If the 402 are in your price range I'm sure they sound great.
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IMO even with a flatter response, studio monitors still sound better than small computer speakers, especially if you get a sub.

I don't have experience with anything other than what I have (some secondhand Roland Cakewalk monitors, they're not the greatest) but I really enjoy listening to music with them, and they're great for monitoring guitar.

I'd recommend not going below a 5" speaker though. They start to lose bass reaponse, and even a 5" isn't the best.
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Not really.

Given the price reduction is there a reason for this?
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The price reduction is because they're sh*te.

I also have an aversion to the Rokit series.

Perfect on your budget:

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I got some cheap Kurzveil (is this name only hilarious in my language?) for like 200€ i think, and they are pretty good i think. Much better than any computer speakers i ever heard, even more expensive ones. So i think even the cheapest studio monitors will be better than anything else.
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I got a pair of Yamaha HS8s for $350
So if you're willing to bump up your budget a bit you can get some decent monitors
I'd definitely be looking at the used market
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I have the Tannoy 802, they are everything but flat... Speakers rock. I can lite up the whole house if I want to. If the 402 are in your price range I'm sure they sound great.

I have the 402. They are not flat, but they sound really good.
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I also have an aversion to the Rokit series.

They're popular to hate, I guess. I'm using the "8's" with keys, modeled guitar and a bit of bass practice and they've been great for that. They provide plenty of volume and frequency response for a medium-size room and are relatively flat for practice. More importantly, since most of what I do plugs into PA-style speakers live anyway, they do a pretty good job of duplicating those systems; there's not a whole lot of adjustment required in sound checks. And they're easy to find in case something craps out on one (hasn't happened yet, knock on wood).

I really haven't run into much in the same price range that doesn't have a sonic "opinion," so I'm not using them for recording, though there are those who have tuned their ears to work with them in that regard. I'm well aware that everyone has preferences in monitor speakers (friend of mine still swears by old Altec 604e's, but has three or four sets of Genelecs he switches into as well).