Hello all!

Apologies if this reads complicated.

I'm building a telecaster from scratch and have hit the wiring stage. In addition to the standard tele wiring (with Twisted Tele pickups), I'm adding a Tom Morello-style Kill Switch (using a 3-way toggle switch, this one to be specific: https://www.allparts.com/EP-0066-003-Black-Short-Straight-Toggle-Switch_p_1236.html)

When I finished the wiring based on what I thought I should do, I couldn't get the pickups to click when tapping them. I just removed the toggle switch from the chain and now everything seems to work as expected.

So how should I be adding the toggle (kill) switch to the chain? I understand the principle of sending the "OFF" signal to ground, but there's a few other terminals on the switch I'm not sure what to do with.

If we say there are two "sides" to the switch - the front and the back... The front has four terminals (top to bottom, 1 through 4). The back has one (5).

From the Les Paul wiring diagram (above or with the link, top right) it looks like I'm supposed to solder the two middle terminals together (2 and 3), then solder them to a wire that connects with the back (5).

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Then the top (1) terminal goes to the hot terminal on the jack. The bottom (4) terminal goes to ground as well.

1 - To Hot on Jack (white)
2 - Soldered to 3
3 - Soldered to 2
4 - To ground on Jack (black)

5 - To ground as well? (soldered to 2/3 combo AND 4?)

The ultimate use I want is when the toggle is in the ON position, sound gets through, and ideally MIDDLE and OFF should be totally silent.

Thanks in advance! After this I level some frets and I'm done!
Figured it out. If anyone reads this in the future:

- I ran the output originally destined for the output jack to the 1 terminal (INPUT on the DOWN switch)
- the 2/3 terminals ran to the output jack (OUTPUT)
- the 4 terminal I connected to the rear ground (5) terminal, then connected the 5 terminal to the ground on the jack

And everything worked perfectly!