Hello everyone,

I've got a bit of an issue with my brand new Maton SRS60c. So I live in QLD, where it's hot and humid. When I got my new guitar home I took it out of the case and sat it on my stand in the lounge room. Played and sounded great... for the first few days. After 3 weeks, looking down the neck you could see a significant hump between roughly the 12th fret and the 14th/15th frets. Pretty much the neck join, which caused some pretty depressing tones.

So I took the guitar back to the store I bought it from. The guru's there told me that what caused it was most likely the fact it never went into the case. It always just sat on the stand. So they gave me a brand new replacement guitar, happy days.

Now this replacement SRS60c has strictly not left the case unless to be played. I've even resorted to only playing it when its cool inside. If its hot or humid I wont take it out. It also lives with a silica gel pouch in the case as well. It has now started to develop a hump in the exact same location as the last one!
Now I've had an Epiphone les paul standard, Epiphone hummingbird and a crappy $80 3/4 size guitar all live in the exact same place as my two matons, without cases, that have never warped or deformed in any way.

So has anyone else had any similar issues with their new matons?
What should I do about this? Surely matons aren't this fragile?

Thanks in advance ;-)
Which part of Qld are you?

Older Matons were built like tanks, and withstood the climate very well. I've had a few and never had a problem, even in the harsh conditions of the Top End. It makes me wonder whether the new lighter build Maton is apparently now using is going to cause problems. Your experience is a good heads-up, hopefully their good warranty and repair reputation is still justified.
Tony Done
Hey Tony, I live in central QLD. Yeah it's a great looking guitar and is very light. So it could be an issue. I suppose I'll give Maton a call tomorrow and see if I can get some sort of info from them. I'm a bit worried about the response I might get going to the guitar shop with another twisted Maton. Thanks for the info Tony.