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I just picked up a used Pacifica which plays really nicely but is a bit grimy and could do with a good clean up.

What product is safe to use on the neck and fingerboard that will be effective on grime and dirt?
Try a slightly damp cloth first. If that does not work a litte lighter fluid will normally take care of the gook. Oh ya I forgot. Old credit cards make great scrappers for really thick crap on a fret board.

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scrapping a bit gets the majority of the gunk off, then a damp cloth or a light soap and water mix, I also use lemon oil occasionally.
Lighter fluid and a rag.

You also don't want to use steel wool as the fibers get absolutely everywhere and you can have pieces of wool jammed under the fretwires and hairs inside your pickups, causing corrosion due to dissimilar metals that can ultimately kill your pickups.

Don't use fretboard oils to clean fretboards. They just make a gooey mess.
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I just use a damp terrycloth rag on the maples. I use 0000 steel wool and lemon oil on my rosewood boards. If I end up with steel wool dust on pickups, dabbing it with tape picks it all up. Can also cover them with a rag.
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Try some Gorgomyte. That stuff is amazing and will make your frets shine like new.
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