Hey guys, I have an Art Dual Pre audio interface, and I´m really not happy with the onboard preamps, they are noisy and doesn´t put out a lot of volume. I saw this Art Tube MP preamp, which has a valve and sounds good for what I´ve heard in youtube demos, has anyone tried it or owns one? Which other preamps would you recommend, that are relatively inexpensive? (I thought about just getting a new audio interface, but its a bit more costly that what I can afford)

You could always swap out the valve for better ones. Though I feel like the extra cost from that justifies just spending the money on a new interface.
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I own a TPSII (another ART pre) and swapping the turd Chinese 12AX7 in it for a good Tungsol or JJ 12AT7 or 12AU7 cleans them up a lot and makes them very versatile. Gives a bit of cleaner headroom as well.
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Just as a heads up, in the Pro Audio world, tube doesn't automatically equal better like it does in guitar amps.

I'd be more inclined to replace your interface before buying an external preamp. The Audient iD series are seriously fantastic especially for the price - how they're managing to make a profit on a $300 interface with the same mic pres as they put in $60,000 large format consoles is beyond me.
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