So I found a peace triple X from a local pawn shop . It was a great deal at $150. Everything on it appears to work well but the reverb doesn't really do anything . If I put it up all the way it kind of affects the tone a little but it doesn't sound like reverb if that makes sense. It just lightly colors the tone . This amp has an accutronics? reverb tank I took a look at it and the cables and everything seems fine . ... is it best to replace the whole reverb tank myself or take it in for repairs ? Advice
I wouldn't even mess with it. It could be something as simple as a spring loose. My Marshall's reverb has never worked and I have always used a reverb pedal. I prefer the pedal on all my amps.I used to have a Rockerverb and Rectoverb, still referred the pedal. For $150 I would be stoked that is all that's wrong with it. You could have it looked at, they sell aftermarket tanks if you want to replace it.
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If it's tube driven, replace the reverb driver and recover tubes. If it's not that, clean the cable contacts and the jacks on both ends and try again. If it's not that, open up the tank and look for broken electrical contacts.

Reverb tanks are dead simple so usually the repair is pretty easy if the issue exists within the tank itself. The reverb circuit itself could also be a culprit. New tanks are pretty cheap if you want to go that route, but that won't help you if it turns out to be a tube, the driver circuit, or the cable.
is the reverb footswitchable on that model? issue could be with the relay for that.
Those reverb tanks get banged around easy sometimes its as simple as the springs inside the tank coming unhooked or the jacks from the amp to the tank being switched around or needing a spray of deox-it but it also could be shorted and blown on the board.
So I took a chance and took the reverb tank out of its bag. Looked around for any dissconencted wires or anything unusual and I couldn't find anything . I did notice one of the amps tubes was extremely loose so I pressed it back in securely . Turned on my amp not expecting anything . But the reverb works now . Not sure if it was because of the tube or because something was readjusted when I was checking the tank . But it's working well now