I'm looking to get an electro acoustic with nylon strings and a good cutaway. Something that's really important for me is that it must have a nice low action as I'm used to playing electric guitars with a really low action for 80's shred sort of stuff. I want to play flamenco influenced instrumental rock and would like a guitar that feels good for fast picking/sweep picking stuff like Al Di Meola or like Rodrigo from Rodrigo y Gabriela:

I'd like to keep it as cheap as possible as it's my first one! thanks, under £300 for sure, thanks!
The Katoh line has really impressed me, but they might not be available in the UK.

Have a look at Cordoba, Yamaha and Alhambra. I almost bought a Cordoba Fusion, the radiused fretboard felt good to me as a steel string player.

This might help:


There is a practical limit to how low you can put the action on a nylon string, because of greater string excursion.
If you are primarily an electric guitar player you will find a classical guitar to be a quite different animal. The neck of a traditional classical guitar is much wider and usually thicker than an electric - typically 52mm wide at the nut. So, as Tony Done mentions, you might be better looking at a crossover (or hybrid) electro-classical. These are a hybrid of classical and acoustic guitar features: they usually have a thinner, radiused neck that makes them easier to play for someone accustomed to electric or steel string acoustic and often a thinner body, The only problem is that the more popular brands - Yamaha, Cordoba, La Patrie, etc, - might be more expensive than your budget.

Here is a link to one that might be OK for you. I've not played it so cannot comment on its quality, playability or sound:


PS.Or you can do what I did and put a set of nylon strings on an electro-acoustic steel string guitar. I have a classical guitar and play it a lot but I wanted to try nylons through an amplifier. I restrung a cheapy acoustic with high tension nylon strings and produced my very own "hybrid" (before I knew what hybrids were) - it worked a treat. That was over 10 years ago and the guitar is my most-played one.
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