Tab for the vocal part of this song (the lyrics are in Hebrew, but the song rocks!)

There is this song that I think would rock if, well, it was a rock song. I got the chords down and the intro pretty much, but I can't get the vocal notes. I'm planning on recording and doing a solo kind of thing for the voice. Can anybody help me? I can't play by ear or transcribe for the life of me. The song is in Hebrew by the way. Thanks! Also any tips that you may have for figuring out the notes in any song would be appreciated!

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Here's the melody for the main vocal part. If you want to work out more of it the song is in C minor, so play around with the notes from that scale and just use your ears A single vocal line should be one of the easiest things to work out because at least you can usually hear it clearly. If you're not good at playing by ear, then practice, it's the only way to get better.

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Any chance you could also do the other vocal part?

Maybe, when I have time. But try for the verse, start from C, go up the scale and back down, like :
C, D, Eb, D, C, Bb, Bb, Ab
And second line, several notes on Eb, then F, D
To be fair, to mimic the vocal inflections you'll need to play a few little bends, so that's not quite so straightforward ...