I have done the 3 parts of Modern Legato and Melodic Minor ...I am actually just getting into ML3 as I did Melodic Minor after Legato 2.

I really love these tutorials. Trying to play straight (interesting!) 16ths through changes is a real bitch, but I am going to do it. (not in a performance situation tho ha!)

I figure there must be some other folks here who dig Tom's stuff.

Love Tom's playing, for sure, dude is an absolute monster. Never checked out his instructional stuff though, partially out of money, and partially out of fear of just not being anywhere near good enough to do or understand any of it!
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Yeah, I know how that goes. I wish I could study with a teacher in person but instead I've been scraping it together for Tom's stuff every couple months. His legato tutorials are really awesome...if you start at Modern Legato 1 and really practice the shit out of stuff from the beginning, it will take you the distance. I had been playing for 20+ years before I got into his tutorials but kinda went back to square one and nailed in some technique stuff I had put off for years.

I'm usually not such a fanboy, but, I love those long killer lines...keeps me outta trouble --cheers man!