Haven't been on here to post in quite some time, but had something odd happen while rehearsing this week and figured I would see if anyone has had this happen or perhaps a solution.

I play bass and use an effects pedal, usually kept on bypass unless I need something from it.

Vocalist had a small effects processor (mostly reverb) on the PA set up. It was run into the PA with a cable but he uses a wireless mic (not sure why in practice but whatev...).

I was experiencing some heavy interference through my amp. It sounded like I had a phaser on with reverb in there. Even directly plugged into the amp. As soon as he turned the effects off on his end the sound cleared up. We play in a concrete basement if that means anything.

We are going to move the room around next week to try to eliminate this (as I stand next to him with my amp near me) but I figured I would check with the UG masses.

Also I am not plugged into the same surge protector that he is and in a completely separate outlet.

Any ideas?

Also I posted this in the gear building thread and realized that wasn't the right place. Any idea how to delete it? :|
My guess would be either from the wireless mic or something else in the chain. Is your setup somewhat far away from his wireless receiver and the PA etc...?
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It is about 6-7 feet away. We are going to attempt to change that next week and may move him to the other side of the room as well.
You're getting YOUR bass through his mike and you're producing phasing interference. It's one of the reasons a lot of bands go for much lower onstage volume. You can cut it down by cutting down your volume and by isolating him a bit (put the mike on a stand, put one of those foam baffles around him, especially in back. You may have to create a bit of an isolation booth for him.

If you all have mikes, you may need to reduce your instrument output volumes a *lot*.
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