So, just over a month ago, I ordered a Jackson JS32 Kelly from my local Long&McQuade. Like, I went in to the store and got them to ship it into the store, and I pay it off on layaway. I just know this will be a very cool guitar, perfect for my hard rock/metal needs. The only thing is, I'm very impatient when ordering online. I can handle the long waits, it's just not knowing when it will come that bothers me. The estimated arrival date was November 7th, and they're closed on Wednesdays, so unless it came in today then it still isn't here. I'll be paying the rest of it off in about 8 more days, so I'm really hoping it comes in before then.

Basically, I wanna hear other peoples stories about having them order something into the store, and how long it took. I know it won't change the time I have to wait, but it may ease my mind. I know there's other threads that some people waited a looooong time, but I wanna hear about good experiences and stuff. My Jackson is coming from Fender in the US, and the store is in Summerside, PEI if that helps.

If you've had a music store ship a guitar or anything in from the US to Canada for you to buy, how long was the wait for it to come in to the store?

Thank you
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Try posting in the guitar section.

You ordered it from a store. Its going to come. Nothing to worry about.
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