Drop B is my favorite tuning, so I'm looking at a somewhat custom gauge, and was wondering opinions on whether or not it wouldn't be good for my guitar.
On my main guitar, I have top heavy slinky bottoms. I used them for Drop C ages ago, but switched to drop B and continued buying this set for it. The gauge is
10 13 17 30 42 52
And obviously having those for drop B gives me a lot of gross flab that I don't like, but I love how the bottom solo strings play.
But on my other guitar, I have a really heavy dunlop set with
13 17 28 38 48 60
They sound great, but I really dislike the tension I get with them (although this guitar has a slightly shorter scale)
So I was thinking of buying a set of super slinkys and throwing away the 9, and buying a single 60, or possibly 58. So it would look like this
11 16 24 32 42 58/60
Looking for a nice middle ground where I can get nice chunky rhythms but still play the leads like I love using the slinky bottom set.
What do you guys think, how does it sound for a Jackson Kelly with a floyd rose?
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People do custom sets all the time. Just preference. Try whatever you want until you find what you're looking for
I agree. It comes down to personal preference. There's no law stating you need to buy a prepackaged set of strings.
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Understood- I waste money on amps*, too.

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