So I've been playing guitar for about 4 years now, but only started putting proper time into it a few months ago when I finally got my amp!
I should add that I'm left handed, playing right handed, as when I started I just used family/friends guitars - all were right handed so it stuck!

Anyway, my arm just above my wrist starts killing every time I try to play faster, when it's all downstrokes... It's not even fast tbh, but I seem to lock and, pain aside, I feel like I can't play any faster...
What can I do to get rid of the pain, and how can I get past this barrier so I can play faster?

I'm going to have guess a bit, because I can't see you playing.

Like a muscle strain, because you're not used to playing fast?

Are you tensing too much when playing? Does it hurt only with downstrokes?

Are you keeping your wrist straight or bending the wrist when playing?

Does it hurt when you first start playing fast or only when the muscles get tired?

You say left-handed, but playing as right-handed. Your left will naturally be stronger, because its your dominant hand. It may only be a case of training the muscles in your right hand and wrist. There are those training devices for guitarists to build up strength in their hands and fingers, but I've never tried one myself. Hopefully nothing more serious than muscle fatigue.
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