(posting here because I can't seem to find the band suggestion thread)

I'm a bit of a prog snob who loves weird, wacky, genre-changing, and otherwise unlistenable wankery metal bands haha. Some examples would be Sikth, BTBAM (every forum brings them up at some point), Native Construct, Haken, Mudvayne's first album, etc. Also, though they're not necessarily prog, I love the overall wackiness of SOAD's music. If you know of any boundary-pushing prog metal bands like these, please post below!

ps. The magical unicorns known as "progressive thrash bands" are also greatly welcomed!
thoughts so far:

hammers of misfortune and psychotic waltz are pretty damn sweet, though not quite as experimental as i was hoping. also i know mr bungle quite well, and theyre is undoubtedly wacky haha but i was hoping for something more metal-oriented

all replies are appreciated though!
I mean if you open yourself to core and general rock derived stuff I can share some more "out there" work but in metal Unexpect are typically taken as one of the more polished edgecore groups. They are at least what I think of when the word "ludicrous" is next to "prog metal". You use the word "unlistenable" so you might like Psyopus. Don't expect anything more than the dissonant noodling.

if you want stuff that's not just metal and isn't shit, Koenjihyakkei and Naked City will open doors for you even if you do end up growing past them.
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all prog bands are ludicrous
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The music winners listen to
Shaolin Death Squad
Pain of Salvation (check out Scarsick)
Devin Townsend

Or, for more edgy and less accessible.....

Shining (the album Blackjazz)
Portal (check out Swarth)
Thantifaxath (Sacred White Noise)
Axis of Perdition
Behold the Arctopus
La Rumeur des Chaines
Deathspell Omega
Frank Zappa and the Italian prog rock scene from the 70s take a steaming dump all over any of the so called prog metal bands. Progressive metal is a misnomer and often just a catch all for trashy music that is more or less a collection of ideas that should of been aborted.

Get a copy of Apostrophe and call it a day
second update:

-one of my gf's friends introduced me to unexpect. absolutely remarkable band that i forgot about until you mentioned it, banjocal. over-the-top weirdness like that is exactly what im looking for
-i didn't think i had a "line", but i'd have to say that psyopus may well be that line. perhaps a *bit* overkill for me haha. i haven't heard a band this bizzare since sigh
-within the first 30 seconds of naked city i was certain they'd be some simple old-school rock 'n roll band, BUT I WAS WRONG. interesting stuff, i'll have to listen more later
-koenji hyakkei - i'm not really sure what i just experienced and i'm not entirely sure how i feel about it, but i'm pretty sure i liked it haha
-leprous isn't really wacky like i was hoping, but they certainly are incredible. i appreciate the suggestion!
-i'm angry that i never discovered shaolin death squad until now. holy shit i'm impressed!
-pain of salvation is pretty good, but doesn't tickle my fancy too much
-same story with riverside
-we all know hevy devy haha but i admittedly should listen to more of his discography

-ive heard of about half of your "edgy and less accessible" suggestions (shining, behold the arcotpus, gorguts, etc.), maromasqu, and they dont particularly do much for me. the others (portal, thantifaxath, etc.) are certainly "less accessible" haha definitely focusing more on my unlistenable remark than my wacky remark, but they're all appreciated

and a big thank you to everyone! keep the suggestions coming! (just not as jarring and visceral as maromasqu's later suggestions haha)
Arcturus' La Masquerade Infernale and The Sham Mirrors

Also give Pensees Nocturnes' Grotesque a whirl