Hi guys ,after long time i decided to practice on guitar regularly ,and after 2 days of practice my back of hand starts to hurt a little. Today mi wrist starts to hurt as well. On high strings my wrist is straight but on low strings it's bent ,i know a little angle it's ok ,but i don't know if it's too much or not. What do you think? If my wrist it's OK ,what could it be? Thanks for all answers.
Here are some photos.

You gotta bring that wrist up. Dropping the wrist might give you a bit of reach, but it's really stressful on the tendons that run over the back of your hand/wrist/arm. You'll see a lot of players with their hands like that, but it's definitely not good technique. Your wrist should only go down like that when it actually facilitates a stretch that you need.

It's hard to tell what your thumb is up to in a still picture, but make sure to keep it relaxed and figure out how to avoid squeezing the neck whenever possible. It takes practice, but you can get to the point where you can play almost anything non-bendy with the thumb barely engaged.

This kind of thing has happened to me before, and in my case I believe the cause was pressure against the base of the thumb. That is, squeezing the thumb too hard during fast passages, or using pressure to compensate for a poor hand position. This is why it's so important to practice technical stuff with the best technique possible, cause if you don't, it won't be automatic when you need it.

In any case, set the guitar down for a few days, and then come back and see how it feels. If it's okay, work on simple stuff with improved technique, and take lots of breaks. If you're trying to get on a practice routine, work it up slowly. Jumping right into 2+ hours a day can put a lot of stress on your hands, especially if your technique isn't ideal to start.
If i bring wrist up ,it's impossible for me to play longer sretches ,like in the picture 3-5-7 ,my hand is ok when playing 3-4-5-6 / 3-4-6 etc.
If you haven't played a lot lately its better to not overdo it until the muscles in your hands are trained up. You are straining your tendons, at a guess.

Until a few days ago I hadn't played guitar for 5 years and my fingertips are sore as F... I let them rest for a day and then back to practice, until they hurt too much and then more rest.
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If i bring wrist up ,it's impossible for me to play longer sretches ,like in the picture 3-5-7 ,my hand is ok when playing 3-4-5-6 / 3-4-6 etc.

The trick to the bigger stretches is relaxing the index finger. If you haven't played much recently, I might advise to limit the difficulty of the music for a week or two.

Taking another look at the photo... I don't know if you're fretting those frets, but you should be more on the fingertips. Pulling the guitar in closer to your chest and elevating it a bit will help, too. If you're doing technical stuff, I'd recommend a classical guitar posture, it's a lot easier on your body.

I should have been more clear earlier. It's not so much about keeping the wrist high as it keeping it relatively flat and relaxed. The tendons in your hand and arm get stressed when they have to go around a sharp corner, and they become irritated. It's like running a rope around the corner of a brick wall - it will fray and tear. Elevating the neck with the classical posture makes it a lot easier to maintain good wrist angle and relaxation.
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I figured out one part of problem. Finger pressure on fretboard, I try to push as little as possible and it feels better. Wrist pain is gone ,but there is still little pain at the back of my hand.

I see your point ,wrist can be bent ,but if it feels relaxed and without unnecessary tension it's good. But i see a lot of guitarist bent their wrist on low strings and they play like nothing happened. I don't understand why they can play like that and I can't.

Next things is what about thumb position. On higher frets I touching the neck with side of thumb ,it's that ok?

I play with my fingertips ,except with my index finger because I mute lower string with it.