So i recently decided to buy my first electric guitar ( I have been playing acoustic for awhile now ) and i was thinking about buying the Ibanez Jem Jr but when i look at reviews of it on youtube a lot of them say you'll need to replace the tremolo pretty quickly, i like the sound of the guitar a lot but i want a good tremolo and such. To continue the pickups in the guitar are eh, i would like to replace those eventually in the guitar, but most articles i have been looking at that refer to replacing the tremolo and pickups in the jem would double the price, but i also don't wanna deal with some crappy 200$ electric guitar that sounds bad and breaks fast, so here are my questions.
1. Should the Ibanez Jem Jr be my first guitar? (If not what are some recommendations)
2. Pickups is the total price right to replace the pickups and tremolo
3. Suggestions for replacement pickups and tremolos for the Jem Jr
Thank You Very Much for the help
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A new replacement tremolo from Ibanez like the original Edge or Edge Pro will set you back $300-$400, same if you go for a real Floyd you'd still be in the $300 range from what others here have been saying the quantum pickups are pretty decent although I have not heard them personally.

Depending on availability in your area you could buy used and get a better guitar for cheaper or possibly a Jem JR for cheaps buy going the used route.

Getting a used Jem JR cheap would leave money for upgrades.

I would look into getting an MIJ Ibanez RG series or maybe a used Jem but a better model used that does not need the upgrades you will get more guitar for your money buying used.

Also consider that for a begginer a Floyd style double locking tremolo is going to be frustrating although if you are mechanically inclined there are plenty od resources to learn how to set up and maintain a Floyd style tremolo.
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