I'm considering trading a nice 24 channel mixer (which is probably worth somewhere in the $250 ballpark) with a local guy for an ESP LTD H-202. It's a red finish with a flamed maple top, supposedly in great condition. I loved the way it looks from the moment I saw it, but after reading the very few and limited reviews and opinions I could find, I found out that these guitars aren't really worth much in dollars. I'm alright with an inexpensive guitar, I love LTDs and have fallen in love with their necks over the years. This is meant to functionally replace an old Ibanez RG350ex that's an alright guitar but is pretty worse for wear.

I'm not so much worried about the possible value of the mixer versus the value of the guitar as I am interested in how well these guitars are built.

I'd love to hear from anyone that has input on this possible trade. Especially if you've owned an H-202 or played one.

Thanks so much!
I see H-202s advertised used for $250 at Music Go Round, Reverb etc.

What is wrong with the Ibanez?

Can you get hands on the LTD first to see if it would be better than the RG 350?
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There's nothing much "wrong" with the Ibanez. I mean it's a pretty gross guitar that is missing lots of small things- screws here and there, binding chunks. It plays alright for the most part, I just have fallen out of love with it. That's really it as far as that one.

Mostly I'm looking to find anyone that's actually owned one or played one themselves. I don't think there were many made, at least not enough that I have found a ton of reviews of these ones. I'll go and play the guitar tonight before I make the final deal with the guy. From the pictures he's sent me it's a gorgeous guitar. It's been babied and hardly played. I love ESP necks and have had great luck with them in the past, and the extra jumbo frets are my style. Apparently it has "Duncan Designed" pickups, which is all good and well I suppose. But pickups can be replaced easily, a neck/fret job isn't quite so easy.