There’s a metal cross on the highway.
The one I drive on every single day.
Remember his life and how it tore him down.
Yeah, I lost my best friend in this town.
Never thought I would leave this town.
But I’m going to leave somehow.
So long to you my friend.
I know that we will meet in the end.
Yeah, we’ll meet again.

In that old house where we shed each other’s blood,
where I learned the meaning of brotherhood.
It seemed so empty when I walked in today.
I just turned around and went the other way.
I saw the picture of him on the wall.
It reminded me of a time when life was simple.

Last time I saw her, she was in that gown.
She looked so pretty. I’m happy for her now.
But my mind goes back to that one summer,
Her and I spent trying not to be lovers.
Every time I hear Rocket Man,
I recall the feel of her silky hands.

Got the truck loaded with guitar and banjo.
It’s time to see where my life will go.
All of our names are on those culvert walls.
Didn’t know it then, but we had it all.
Now I’m on my own. That’s why I got to leave.
This town ain’t the same without you and me….
I’ve said my peace and I laid it at your cross.
In your honor I drank some scotch.
Done my handshake and a final kiss.
My soul lingers for something other than this.
The details: "picture of him on the wall", "that gown", "Rocket Man", "silky hands"- really bring this sad tale to life. Your "soul lingers".... an interesting choice; not "longs", but "lingers". Stands well as a poem. As a lyric, a challenge, with lots of potential. Nice work.