So having done a lot of my own research on various guitar tones I've noticed that many of the older death/black bands utilized boss distortion and overdrives going either direct into rack mounts or through small SS combo amps. Now obviously recording a very high quality tube amp with a nice microphone is the benchmark for metal tone but, like these bands that pioneered these style, me and my peers are unable to afford such a situation especially for demoing. Now I've ordered a behringer HM300 which is a clone of an old Boss HM-2 and my close friend has a nice older Boss MT-2 which will be the first two distortions I try. Im also looking into getting a proco rat for that obituary grind.The reason I started this topic is anywhere I try to get information on recording with these methods every response is to buy more expensive gear and this is not helpful to me because I simply cannot afford to buy high end tube halfstacks and boutique pedals.

Some examples of tone I love are
Obituary Slowly We Rot - (Proco Rat)
At the Gates - Slaughter of the Soul (Boss-MT-2, Boss HM-2, and Boss SD-1 combined)
Dissection - Storm of Light's Bane (Boss-MT-2, mixed with acoustics for clarity on chords)
Grave - Into the Grave (Boss HM-2)
Immortal - Sons of Northern Darkness, and At the Heart of Winter (Boss MT-2 and a Boss Flanger for cleans)

I will be using a superstrat style guitar with CTS pots and a seymour duncan Black Winter in the bridge so the electronics should add some pick attack to the mix. My first option to record would be using a cheap shure micing my SS combo amp with the desired stompbox going into my Tascam DP-006. The next option would be to run direct into my Tascam DP-006 using the onboard amp simulation on my line 6 Pocket POD after the boss distortion in the signal chain. The second way is definitely desirable because I live in an apt complex so it'd be nice to record late at night. What, if any, noise gate or compression pedals would you guys recommend using in these two situations as I've heard these can be key to getting those classic metal tones. Also any suggestions for settings on the pod (clean or slight OD when using distortion pedal) or how to position the mic and amp settings would be greatly appreciated.