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I paid by western union, in hindsight I realise the stupidity of this but I am a low paid labourer in the Middle East and realistically, this was the only way I could ever afford a guitar with the spec I wanted. I would have been happy if had issues with frets etc because I could have repaired it and made it into a good idea.

I tried emailing them from a few different addresses requesting different orders but never got a response.

I have found out since posting this that my wife's cousin is working in china so we got her to call. No answer for a couple of days but eventually she got through. Nice sweet talking regarding orders but once she asked where my order was, they hung up and blocked her number.

So proven. Huayun Guitars 100% scam. Please avoid.

Does anyone know how I can get Google to remove this company and protect other potential victims?
Sorry it happened to you but there is precedent for these kind of companies and a lot of warning already out there on purchasing counterfeit and cheaper guitars from China. Maybe if you annoy them enough you could get some money back but I really doubt it. A lot of them will just try to drag it on as long as possible in hopes that you don't even bother keeping up with your inquiries.

In the future, use paypal or use a form of payment that has buyer protection. Also stay away from cheap, unbranded or counterfeit Chinese guitars. They might look nice and you might get "specs" you like (but really I'm sure they fuck you on that as well) but 9/10 times they end up being junk and the money you throw into it to fix it could've gotten you something good.

Also please don't link to a fraudulent website. References are fine but its against the rules to post that site.
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