Hey boys and girls

Im building up a bass guitar for a friend and have been told it needs a new loom, only problem is he wants one bass humbucker (some music man affair) in the bridge and two bass single coils (Peavey in the neck and center respectively. I've done soldering similar to this on a strat and Black jack but never on a bass or an entire loom. If anyone has any info as to what resistors i should use, or any tips for switching between the pups (i was thinking a 5 way from a strat), or volume/tone it would be greatly appreciated.
Currently the bass has been stripped and the finish has been taken off, as the friend wants a matte black respray on both the neck(back and front, excluding the fretboard) and the body, its planned to have a black-aluminium theme with a DC Joker logo just shy of the controls.

Original guitar