I'm thinking of maybe a three days grace style song. I have a title but I'm stuck and need help With an opening line. The title is welcome to the real world.

A big thank you to anybody who helps.
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I'll bite.

"This isn't a mythic dream"
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justinguitar.com is the answer
This isn't a mythic dream
fighting the fight yet I'm unseen
Growing outwards towards a big beam
of light oh I'm here to fight
burning this place down in flames tonight

Welcome to the real world where everything is wrong
fighting forever just to hold on
Everything around me is falling to the ground
Nothing last forever and everything is gone
Welcome to the real world
Welcome to the real world

I'm a danger to myself and everybody else so back the fuck up mother fucker and wait your turn
What! Better watch your mouth cause I'm bout to turn that loud mouth inside out your best bet is to watch ya back get on track cause I hate to say it but yo ass is wack

Repeat chorus
Repeat chorus