I have a set of EMG 57 / 66 set already, so quality material -> pickups
I have a set of schaller locking tuners as well (left, strat-style). I like to have low action as possible with 010, perhaps 011 strings.

I'm used to play SX strat, but I want something more suited for metal. I like a clean looking guitar.
No floyd rose though, preferable no tremolo at all since I don't ever use that.

Any suggestions? Can I get a decent metal guitar with my pickups, locking tuners and with my budget?
When you're spending that amount of money new, you're not going to get a quality guitar. You're getting a guitar that has pretty much just basic functionality, so you should keep your expectations realistic.

Are you willing to go used? You can get guitars that punch far, far above their weight for $350-400 like some of the old Jackson MIJ Pro guitars. It may be smart to get a Jackson MIJ DXMGT because the EMG HZ pickups in that guitar are crap but that's not going to matter in your situation.

I assume you also have the appropriate new 50K pots, stereo jack etc to come with the new pickups?

Locking tuners won't really make your guitar stay in tune any better, they just make it a bit easier to restring.

Action is subject to setup of course. You can have extremely low action on any guitar if you just slam the bridge height to the deck. But again, if you're buying a buying new guitar that's only $350, you can expect the guitar to have a few high frets that'll prevent you from doing so without lots of annoying buzzing.
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This has a used Jackson DKMGT written all over it. . . . Some years came with Active 81/85 other years with passive HZ and some years with the Afterburner boost built in.
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You can either a DIY kit on ebay and built it yourself, will be easy trust me, and since you are already installing new pickups soldering is already in the picture. Just gotta screw in some parts and solder your new pickups and they go for under 200 easily.

OR you can go to guitar fetish and get a Xaviere guitar, they have some les pauls with floyd roses ive been eyeballing. They are under 300.
You should look at used guitars for that kind of money. I bet you can get something from the LTD 401 line used for that money.
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