Hey guys, I need some new interesting guitarists to check out. I've been listening to all the greats like Al Di Meola, John McLaughlin, Paco de Lucia and Tommy Emmanuel and I love them (how could I not lol) but that's basically where my knowledge of acoustic/classical guitarists ends. I especially like mystical, dark moods and weird chord progressions (songs like Orient Blue for example), but also great, catchy melodies. I don't really like those guys who play only with tapping, with lots of effects or with their feet or whatever, I'm looking for players that play the usual, 'traditional' way - with pick or fingerstyle. Also I would maybe prefer something simpler than Al Di Meola and something that's not in DADGAD or some alternative tuning, so I could play it as well (I'm too lazy to learn DADGAD chord shapes).

Looking forward to your recommendations! ))
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How long have you been playing?
How much are you willing to spend?

this a great place to start


He's asking about artists, not guitars...

Here are a few my favorites:

Pierre Bensusan (my #1)
Phil Keaggy
John Williams (classical)
Xuefei Yang (classical and traditional chinese)
Antonio Forcione
Jeff Peterson (hawaiian slack key)
Antoine Dufour (he's the most "normal" of the overdone percussive fingerstyle players, IMHO)
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