Hey guys!

After a few weeks of thinking about the guitars and amps I'd want to buy I decided to save more money, so I have to second guess every thought I have. The reason for that is that I'm only a poor student but I'm going to save around 1500,- euro's/pounds/dollars.

I mostly play Rammstein, Metallica and Ghost; so I guess I'll have to need a versatile guitar, but a nice sounding tube amp.

Give me some ideas, so I can think and try further!

Oh and by the way, a 100 watts amp is a little too much as I'm not in a band (yet) and I really want to save my windows
It's not really clear to me what you want. Do you want a new guitar and a new amp or just one of either?

What gear do you currently have? Are you going to buy new or used? Where are you located? 1500 dollars is going to buy you different stuff in the US than 1500 euros would in Europe, for instance.

100W also isn't too much if it has a master. Base your decision on sound and features.
I prefer gear to be new, but if I can get better 'used' stuff... I'm located in the Netherlands, and my current gear: LTD EC100qm and a Marshall Valvestate 8040.
On the amp I'd look at some of the lower wattage ENGLs and the Laney IronHeart. No idea what the good guitars are over there in budget.
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