im trayng to put my ton knob to use. Now heres the deal , he is a belowed friend that stays around 8/10 , when the room "mood" swings he can get adjusted , but hes a constant bitch and doesnt get the atention he needs . So i was thinking on switching my ton pot for a push/pull one.
But as u may guessed im kind of a beginner (read - big dreams small mind)
so my dreams :
red ones stands for regular wired, blue is coil split , and the last one is MEGABUCKER
now this is what id like to have , but u cant always get what u want. so is it posible ? how?
Additional info:
i got 3 holes (u dirty minded perv ) :volume,tone,and 3 way toggle , dont want to driil another one, dont want volume as push/pull, the only thing that can happen is a switch on the back plate (if it can help)
i know alot of push/puls diagrams are out there but they split bouth pickups i need only the neck one splitted.
p.s.sorry for bad english is my third language.
pickup chart.pdf
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so , overnight i got to the point where i got it clear that the megabucker was crap , and today i understand that i cant do a kill switch on just one pickup, so hers the wiering i have done, any ideas what to do with the last blue wire ? sometning smart ,something cool?
new pushpull.pdf
new upedate.
finished thinking , this is what i came up with :
rotary switch with standard and coilsplits for neck pickup , all mods with their own internal trim pot tone controls , a volume push pull for either switching so all mods have the same tone.
her` the wiring.
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By your standards of guitar and wiring know-how, I'm well below even beginner level. But seems like great idea Good luck with it \m/

Also I got a kick out of reading this