Hello ,
I picked up a 1973 Fender F-65 for $35 and while ordering replacement frets I noticed solid Brass bridge pins and real bone nut and saddle so I said what the hey and ordered them as well .
Anyone else do this to their acoustic and notice a brighter more sustained tone ? Or is it a waste of money , what strings are you using ?
Thanks .
A bone nut might have some advantage, but, IMO, only on the open strings. If I replace a nut, I use bone, but mostly for mojo, not tone.

I've experimented with brass pins over a long period, and the only effect I can hear is through their weight - they act as ballast that can moderate an aggressive tone. I have a kona lap steel that was too bright and hard-sounding, and I've found that three brass pins on the treble side it just right to mellow its tone a bit.