I really need some help here, help from experienced guitarists or guitar tech to solve my problem.

So long story short...

I have this ernie ball music man axis copy guitar which is abit crap.

Body is mahogany and the neck is maple and it only has 1 volume control and a 3 way pickup selector

Originally, it comes with 2 G&B korea humbuckers which sucks..

So i decided to change the bridge pickup with a seymour duncan SH 5.

So then i removed the g&B korea bridge pickup and re solder everything.

When I attach the SH 5, i noticed that the wood for the screws had shattered. So I decided to use a thick foam and stick that with a glue gun to the SH 5 and then stick the foam that's attached to the pickup to the body. Pickup height is balanced (same height as neck).

So the way its soldered is:

-Black wire is connected from the volume pot to the 3 way selector
-tremolo wire is connected tot he volume pot
-a white cable is soldered from the 3 way selector in thet middle position to the bottom part of the volume pot.
-Then the mono jack is connected to the volume pot as usual.


-The bare and black cable from both of the neck and bridge pickup cable's are connected to the selector
-Both the green and white cables from the bridge and neck pickup is soldered together and tapped off.
-The red wire of the neck pickup is soldered to the selector on the left
-The red wire of the bridge pickup is soldered to the selector on the right

When I tried playing it with everything (strings & tremolo) attached, the neck pickup sounds ok but the bridge does not. It sounded like it is lacking of output or something.. It doesn't sound clear, my amp is buzzing like crazy if i switch to the bridge pickup and it would't respond to any palm mutes...

I really need help on this
hi , i googled G&B korea hummbuckers , came to this color wiring diagram (dont know if its for their pickups, so better google yourself) http://www.snapagogo.com/uploads/source/112016/1452626130_845903883_JTV59_pu1.PNG , think u got it wrong.
for the G&B : the green wire is the hot , red and white are to wire singles to humbuckers, and the shield and black are ground.
go check duncan site for their color wiring diagram. http://i479.photobucket.com/albums/rr151/zakkwyldefan79/Guitar%20Wiring%20Diagrams/PickupColorCodeChart-2.png
step 2 apply learned

edited: as i read again u say the problem is in bridge , watching duncan diagram and your step 2 in "next" u wired the green and white cable together , and duncan says red and white are the series link , green is ground!
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I can tell you this...our wiring codes are:
Black is hot (to switch)
Green and Bare is ground (back of pot)
Red & White are series link (soldered together and taped off)

Final question man.. can i extend my pickup leads using the same wire from the sh 5 ?

The problem is, i cut the pickup leads to short and i need to extend it... I still have the rest of the leads from the sh 5.. Can i actually solder those to the shorter wires ?