Hey guys,
so i've been wanting to get a new guitar recently (an used one because they cost so much less)

and i've found these two that fits right around my budget (in the 300$ cad range) they're both used but appears to be mint condition from the pictures i've seen.
what do you guys think?

and btw, the eastman ac222ce has a cedar top instead of a sitka spruce top. i don't know what to think about that because i can't find a single eastman ac222ce with a cedar top anywhere
Eastman has a good reputation, and so does the S6, so I could go with either of those.

What style do you play, fingerpicking or flatpicking? That would make a difference to my choice of top wood, cedar IMO is better suited to fingerpicking than flatpicking, but it still comes down to individual guitars.

I would be checking neck angles and action height. I would want a high enough neck angle that I could get the action nice and low and still have some saddle to spare.
i play mainly fingerstyle and strumming. i hardly do any flatpicking.
and also, from these images of eastman ac222ce, do you know what kind of wood it is? spruce or cedar? i might be seeing things because of the lighting
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The soundhole pic looks like cedar, but the full frontal could be well-aged sitka. However, the image colours look to be on the red side and can be deceptive. If it is a fairly old guitar, the specs might have changed. The S6 was made in cedar and spruce, and maybe still is. I got to try the two side-by-side once, new straight out of the box. I preferred the cedar version for fingerpicking, except it had a bad wolf tone.