Hi guys, building my rig, I'm at the point of choosing a Vibe pedal for some good old waterish modulation.

My budget range is on the 150€, which is compatible for the Good VIbes from the EHX, but since I live in a small town is really difficult to find it in a guitar shop around. So I based my tests on forums and youtube reviews. Unfortunately, there are not much opinions on this one and not even an Andy review from ProGuitarShop.
I found instead a lot of talkin and playing about the deja vibe by fulltone, and this pedal is gorgeous. It's price is 50€ more than the EHX one. It's out of budget but I could do some spending review if needed.

Now my question is: does someone of you own the good vibes? How does it compares to the Deja Vibe?

Thank you for your answers!