After years of avoiding using Rockschool for students exams I decided to give the Acoustic course a chance as I quite liked the selection of songs in Debut and the kids really enjoyed them. Now a few are ready to sit the exam and we are preparing all the extra bits we have got to the "General Musicianship Questions" and I've realised how incredibly vague they are. For example in the standard grades it specifies the questions which will be asked so its easy to teach but in Acoustic it just says "A question related to harmony"... Vague to say the least.

I even contacted Rockschool (no response) then directly asked an examiner and they said that even they didn't know specifically what the questions will be.

Incredibly poorly organised by Rockschool and thats not even mentioning the differences in the backing tracks with the written music due to "last minute changes in the studio".

Not expecting any help or anything - just wanted to warn people that in my opinion the course itself is not too bad there are a few kinks they need to work out!