I'm in the process of building a pretty comprehensive board for my live acoustic / electric guitar rig. I am having trouble trying to find a passive junction box that will do the job. I will try and make the routing sound as simple as possible so hopefully it won't sound as confusing as my rig looks!

I run a Y cable from my dual source pickup system into a radial tone-bone pre-amp that has an XLR DI out.

Then a normal jack from another output from the magnetic pickup into a different signal chain. This then goes through the effects chain ending with a stereo delay and reverb. This then goes into 2 channels on my desk panned L and R.

I have a stomp box kick pedal that goes into another channel on the desk.

I also use the sub out from the mixer for a Boss RC300 loop station in Stereo.

When using the board for electric guitar in bands, I want to use the delay and reverb in the FX loop of one amp feeding into a second salve amp for stereo.

In it's current guise, the cables are a mess and could easily be pulled out during gigs so I am looking for a way to make all of this cleaner.

Because of the number of signal chains I think I need a junction box with 12 mono 1/4 jacks and an XLR out. It would also be cool if they were right angled as my board is a large flat flight case.

Does anyone know where I could source one in the UK / get parts to build one?

I will post some pics as the thing comes together.

Thanks guys.
There are two ideal ways of cleaning all this up. One is to use a MIDI system that will connect all of these and route them as needed.

The other is to simply buy a good multi-FX. By the time you add up what you've spent on pedals, bits and pieces *and* the gear to route everything as needed, you'll be pretty close to the price of something like a Helix. The Helix has some astounding routing possibilities (and four FX loops just in case you still need specific pedals) built in, and since the whole thing is done internally, there are no cables to pull out, kink up, break, short, etc.

In particular for live use, the reduction in external complexity will help you prevent delays in setup while you hunt for the one shorted connector cord that's taken down the entire delicately balanced system (been there, done that) and will give you a MUCH more robust (and compact) live setup.

Hi dspellman.

I toyed with the idea of Midi and a multi FX, but it would mean selling all of the gear that I have already got. Really its 2 signal chains, a loop station and a kick stomp so thought that a box where they all meet might work. The FX loop idea is something that would be nice, but kind of unnecessary really.

With regards to Midi, what kind of units are around that could do this?