I'm looking at getting my first condenser Mic, I've been using the sm57 for recording vocals but it hasn't been cutting it so I'm looking for an upgrade. I found the MXL V67G it's looks good and I've heard lots of good reviews but I don't know how well it stands to screams (false chord, frys). Does anyone have any experience with this Mic? Particulary in the Metal-ish genre?
The MXL stuff is iffy. From what I understand, they are generally "ok", especially at the prices you can find them. Musician's Friend often has some of their mics for silly cheap on their Stupid Deal of the Day, if you just want a cheap condenser for the fun of it then go that route. But I would not pay too much for their equipment.

I asked about budget condensers a while back (presuming you are on a budget if you are beginning and looking at MXL units), here is the thread: https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1691841

Edit: Funnily enough, the MXL unit was suggested in the thread.
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Will Lane Thanks! Yeah i really want to get a condenser the dynamics are a pain to work with. I'll check out the link though