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Tanglewood TW 28 Evolution CSG
1 100%
Yamaha FG720s
0 0%
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I am buying a guitar as a gift for my boyfriend. He used to play growing up but basically he is a beginner. I am undecided between two:
Yamaha FG720s + comes with case and stand, and i love that it is black = $220
Tanglewood TW 28 Model Evolution CSG = $140

Which would be the best choice between the two for a semi-beginner? I really love the look of the yamaha and I know he would too but sound and quality which is best?

here are the kijiji links:
Guitare Yamaha FG720S + support et étui / stand + case included | guitares | Ville de Montréal | Kijiji
Brand New Tanglewood Acoustic Guitar | guitares | Ville de Montréal | Kijiji
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Yamaha have a big reputation, and I've played a fair number of Tanglewoods and liked most of them, so I would say it is even. I could be happy with either of those. Since I am a fingerpicker, I would likely favour the cedar-topped Tanglewood, but that comes down to personal taste.

Budget for a set up.IMO, the important thing for a beginner is how it plays, and there is nothing more discouraging than a poor set up.