I am getting a new DSL100H and I have read that it needs a boost in order to play songs from bands like Metallica, Megadeth, Anthrax, so I would like to have some advice from fellow guitar men.

talk about opening a can of worms.. easy answer is the one that works best for you. if you want 80s authentic then your best bet is an Ibanez Tubescreamer. of course there are like a million variations of that pedal that all could work for you. my personal fav is a Digitech CM-2 Overdrive but it's out of production (but not hard to find)
Pretty much any overdrive will do the job well enough.

My vote goes to the tried and true Ibanez TS9, or Maxon OD808 pedals. Or BOSS SD-1/Digitech Bad Monkey on a budget.
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I have 2 suggestions. For $30 brand new is the Joyo Vintage Overdrive (Maxon OD-808 Clone). For $75-$100 used is the Budda Zenman - it's a boost and two mode tubescreamer in the same chassis.
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That's like saying "which shade of blue is the best?" Ten different pedals will sound ten different ways to ten different people in front of ten different amps with ten different guitars. It sounds like you need to go to some guitar shops and start trying things.
i like the boss sd1 (or the cheaper daphon clone). the sd1 can have bypass bleed though, which is a pain if you don't have another buffered pedal to put in front of it (which cures it). but if you do, it's my favourite.

but as everyone else is saying, it pretty much depends more on what you like best, lol.
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