nice . don't think I've ever played the epi version of a deluxe before will have to try one.
Classy! Didn't even know Epiphone did a Deluxe. Awesome guitars, those Deluxes. ^^

What is there to know about it? Can you write a formal review?
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Mini humbuckers are definitely cool. Toss some Lollars in it!
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Merry Krashmass to me.

Very nice!

But tell us more...
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It's nice. Dead stock, only a couple very small nicks. I payed a little more than I wanted to, but I also know they're a little rare. It's a Limited Edition from 2007. Typically they make the Ltd. Eds. for a ~year and stop production. MIK, Unsung factory. I've owned a couple from Unsung, all nice.

I do likes me some minis. I had a Daisy Rock of all things with minis, and it screamed. Should've held onto it.

My only other guitar with a mini-humbucker was a Frankentele with a Duncan in the neck slot. That thing was gnarly. I just gave that Telecaster to my rhythm guitarist in Crash Pad, for his recent ten-year bandiversary. That kid loves that guitar, and it was the only one I could loan him at shows that I didn't have to worry about him destroying.

So this Deluxe came along at the perfect time.