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26 62%
No, turn that crap off before I murder you three times
20 48%
Voters: 42.
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Most of it sucks.

Some of the joke ones are ok like Bonequisha need my truck for to go to work.
I like Christmas music, and carols and shit, but my favourite Christmas songs of all time are:

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to my own feelings
In an appropriate setting and in the right mood, it's pleasant, yea.

A good example is when I'm having a warm meal at grandma's house with the whole family.

A bad example would be when driving through rush hour on a busy highway.
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Why yes, yes I do.

Spotify, you have 12 days. 12 days to put together a nice official playlist of holiday music I can throw on repeat for the entire month of December.
How could I forget this banger
Today I introduced myself
to my own feelings
Six String Santa is a great album

Kenny Burrell also has a great holiday jazz album
My God, it's full of stars!
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does sinatra count

Sinatra was the original sadboi

longing rusted furnace daybreak seventeen benign nine homecoming one freight car

bring back UG classic
Yeah i like them. I still have my Christmas play list from last year for when December starts
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If I hear it before the second week in December, I get the urge to kill.
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I really like to listen christmas music and i have great fun on them
Do I enjoy Christmas music?

Yeah... not in November but yeah
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In 3 - 4 weeks, these will be the greatest songs ever. For 2 weeks.
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Don't go ninjerin nobody don't need ninjerin'
I'd like christmas music more if it wasn't for idiots playing it in november
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I work retail, so that shit starts early. I don't "hate" it per se, but I do get tired of hearing it drone on, especially when it's Frosty the Snowman and Jingle Bells 900 times vs. actual Christmas songs, like Hark the Hearld Angel Sings, or something that's an actual holiday song. You can't even point to Frosty as being something for Yule or Kwanzaa. I don't need to hear Burl Ives yammer on or fuckin' Santa Baby (about a gold digger aiming at Santa).

We can't offend anyone, so we can't play songs that aren't wintery or consumerish unless it's intrumental.
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I hate christmas music.

Love presents though so I tolerate it.
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I'd like christmas music more if it wasn't for idiots playing it in november
yeah this

it wouldn't be so bad if i hadn't heard all the songs 20 times over before Thanksgiving even comes around.

here's some edgy anti Christmas music:

What's the deal with "Carol of the Bells"? Sounds more like Scary Doom of the Creepy Antichrist Spawn or something.
In moderation yeah.

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hate it, but that's because I have it shoved down my ears 8 hours a day
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I originally specified Sinatra as Christmas music I enjoy but I've found myself humming christmas carols without thinking about it so yes yes i do
Mum has Christmas music on in the dining room, the cat is not amused
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Mum has Christmas music on in the dining room, the cat is not amused
post pics of cat pls
they're coming to take me away

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