Poll: Do you enjoy Christmas music?
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26 62%
No, turn that crap off before I murder you three times
20 48%
Voters: 42.
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Jingle Bells has been stuck in my head for like 8 months now and I still love it so I'm gonna say yes
Christmas music was kind of ruined by working in the mall for 4 years and hearing it from Black Friday to sometimes after New Years.

But this album is still everything.

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It's only this song that I hate

Really annoying to listen to
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I don't mind it. rather listen to something else if I have the choice since, like all novelty music, it gets boring fast.

we kinda have a tradition to listen to mike patton's mondo cane every christmas day now. it wasn't a christmas album but it's got that fun vibe that is nice to have on in the background to breakup the pure xmas playlist my mother puts on. everyone was loving it when I put it on during present unwrapping a few years back.


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Is anyone else like me and finds Christmas music really...depressing?

It's weird, because I love Christmas and I've only ever had happy ones spent with my family (which I'm very grateful for).

But I find there's just something really...dark and sorrowful about Christmas music. Maybe I've just seen too many films/TV shows with the juxtaposition of Christmas music playing over a sad moment or something.
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