Hi guys, considering buying one of these two guitars:

1. Sterling by Music Man John Petrucci JP100d Ruby Red
2. Sterling Majesty John Petrucci signature

They're not quite the masterpieces that the Music Man signature models are, but they're fine guitars. They don't have the same tremolo or pickups, but they're still fine guitars; better than many. I would also take a look at the new Sterling JP Majesty model (JPM6). It's a shame it doesn't have the ebony fretboard, but it still looks like an excellent guitar.
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The Sterling guitars are solid. I own a couple EBMMs and they are definitely another level, but for the price it's hard to beat the JP Sterlings
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I had a JP50 Stealth and it felt like a mediocre factory slapped together guitar. Even after a set up by a professional it didn't play and feel amazing or anything. I sold it. I played one of the original EBMM JP6 models at Guitar Center one day and it was the most amazing feeling guitar I've ever played. A few months ago I played another Sterling JP, one of the newer ones, and once again I wasn't impressed at all.

I don't particularly feel like they're worth the money, but they're not "bad" guitars.