I have a electric guitar and I can play some guitar chords and a few songs but my playing is terrible so these days I'm searching about how to practice playing guitar.

Some people recommend me that I should meet a expert in person but I have no time.

So I will start cover a song that is easy to play through youtube and repeat this song until I can play it perfectly. and after that, I will practice another song.

How do you think about my plan?
Nothing wrong with practicing alone. Millions of guitar players are self-taught. And yes, learning the songs you enjoy is a great plan - it's also the way many of today's guitar gods started. However, most players eventually reach a plateau in their learning and need a boost from a teacher every now and then. But one of the best ways to keep at your playing is to have guitar "buddies" who you can trade licks and stuff with. That's how I learned a lot of the basics.

Thank you! I will keep in mind your saying. Actually there are no one to playing some instruments around me so I only refer to google and ultimate guitar. but when I can have more time then I will try to make some buddies and teacher.
Yep. Many famous and not-so-famous players learned on their own. That said, the issue with being self-taught is the matter of developing bad habits such as playing the guitar at an improper angle, holding strings too tightly, etc. This is where a teacher can be useful. In my case, I didn't study with a teacher, but slowly corrected my own bad habits.
it's possible to learn alone, I'm one of the many who did, just gotta be eager to learn and improve and be self motivated and you'll be able to play as well

Plus, you have this wonderful, helpful community if you have questions
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Hey man.... just keep practicing..... it gets frustrating.... trust me I know....i just back to playing... the feeling of trying to play something I came up with years ago and failing miserably because my hands don't stretch like that atm was terrible..... just push through frustrations and may I suggest a good instructional book to help you along