Hi there,

I produce music for production music portals (like beatsuite, shutterstock,...).
About a year ago, a friend, who is also a producer and studio-owner asked me to help him do that too.

He is, like a lot of us music guys, allergic to paperwork. So now, he produces music in his spare time, sends it to me and
I prepare it for distributing. Most of the time this includes mixing, deleting vocals , co - producing, make variations for different lengths...

This is NO opportunity for you to get your name/brand out.
It's more like ripping out a part of your musician heart to get some dollars, while your tune gets played in a toilet brush ad.

I am looking for musicians, who already have a portfolio of songs of their own and do not have the energy to distribute them by their selves.
Then, of course, we share the royalties.

On the long run, I am thinking about launching a page, which is selling production music.
But that only makes sense if you have a big big big big (inhale) big portfolio of music.

So, pm me if you want to get in touch with me.

If this is not interesting for you, do not comment.
I know this is not very honorable, but it's more convenient than serving dishes to me.