I notice than when I record myself that my timing is not good enough, I usually rush for something like 25ms and that can be easily heared with other perfectly timed instruments in the mix.
Perhaps someone could advice how could I practice that?
Depends if your timing is normally ok, and off when you record. If so, then you're getting tensed up and that's causing this (mental attitude). In which case, just relax, especially if the recording is for you only to check your playing against.

If not, and your timing is not accurate, then it's the same old story ... metronome, and awareness of (off-) beats. It's getting this right at slow speeds to start off, then gradually speeding up.

What tempo is this recording at? You playing 1/8th notes, 1/16th's? Or what ??
Rushing seems to be quite simillar for recording 1/4'ths on 40bpm or 1/16'ths on 220 bpm
Hi 6th, I could write a lot about timing however in the context of recording try using a metronome.

I normally use headphones when I record, one side playing a metronome and the other playing myself or myself with the band

Note: if playing with a group this only works if the band is tight and their timing is perfect otherwise you may still sound out if other members speed up or slow down certain parts

Hope that helps

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