So after all the soldering problems in my previous thread :


I discovered yet another problem. This time the seymour duncan itself won't mount into the wood of my guitar.

The problem is that the wood for the screws to fit in has shattered, so there is no way i could mount my seymour duncan.

I'm looking for possible solutions.

One solution that i found was by sticking the pickup with a glue gun to a strong foam and sticking that with the glue gun to the wood.
But with that way of mounting the pickup, i noticed that it shakes a a lot..

So if you have any ideas please help. thx
Might want to start with some clear photos of what you're talking about.

Second, you might want to plan on fixing the problem with the wood before you start randomly slinging hot glue around (I nearly injured my forehead when I read that). HOW did the wood get "shattered" and what, exactly does it look like?
Make sure you use the correct size Philips screw driver to remove pickup screws.. gently twist.. if you use force you may damage the wood (which is what I fear you did..).. even so.. use quality wood glue to fill the stripped wood hole or you can pour some crazy glue in the hole and plug in tooth pick.. wait to dry (trim off excess toothpick).. then screw in the pickups.. search the wiring diagram for Seymour Duncan.. they use different wiring color for hot, ground bare and start/stop for second coil (for coil-split).
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You may have to fix the holes by stuffing them with broken toothpicks saturated with wood glue. Let dry 24-48 hours, and give the screws something to bite into.