Hi Guys
I am new to Ultimate Guitar and came here looking for advice. I used to play guitar at beginner level many many moons ago with a friend who has since become a great guitar player. I stopped playing due to meeting a girl settling down having kids, the whole 9 yards sort of thing. Well i split with the love of my life and now live alone which makes me extremely happy. I bumped into the old friend i mentioned earlier and we was talking about when i played along with him all that time ago. Well after we parted i was thinking of those times and how much i actually enjoyed jamming along with him. I only knew perhaps 7 chords at the most but we used to belt tunes out with me strumming and him doing the lead, fantastic memories.
Now since i saw him i have had it in my head to start playing again or trying to play again. Got my heart set on an Epiphone special II which is based on the guitar that Slash uses. Here's the link http://www.pmtonline.co.uk/epiphone-slash-afd-les-paul-special-ii-performance-pack.
Before i asked for this advice i was reading a few threads and came out thinking that its not a great idea to buy starter packs. I am on a budget which is one of the reasons i chose the above pack, and te other reasons are that i never want to play a guitar like the acoustic one i played all those years ago, getting a clean note without fret buzz on that thing was to say the least very challenging, my fingers ached hours after finishing. and last of all i think it would be nice to have something new.

thanks for reading and any advice would be greatly appreciated.

P.S I am a big Jeff Lynne fan and i know he plays the Gibsons which are similar to the one in the link
You are right, starter packs are not ideal. However, you should look into purchasing a quality guitar in the used/secondhand market if you are on a tight budget. There's also no sense in buying a starter-to-mid level "pack" as brand new. Tons and tons of those are available for much cheaper used, for the simple fact that most beginners give up or graduate to something better.
Well, what's your budget?
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Hey Wiz,

Congrats on starting again! To help you out it'd be nice to know the general area of where you live (near Dallas? Southern France?). That way we can see if you would have a good enough used market to find some viable equipment. Also, if you could share with us the budget that you've set aside for guitar stuff we can help make specific recommendations.
Thanks for the replies, I am from the UK and my budget is about the £200 mark which this starter pack costs. I am unable to get out much due to health reasons so have to rely on buying online, that's also one of the reasons i am a bit wary of buying secondhand, not being able to see or hear what it sounds like before you purchase it. I saw the pack i posted as a simple way of getting everything in one go. As i said i am always willing to listen to advice, but with probably 90% of you guys being from the States its gonna be hard to give advice.
I just want something with playability that isn't hard on the fingers sort of thing, but like i say i am always willing to listen and learn

For that budget, I think a Starter Pack would be completely fine! The popular answer on forums like these are to find a small Roland Cube and another used guitar, and that's definitely not a bad answer. However, the extra cost of the accessories really gets folks who don't plan ahead. I'd say a pack would be your safe bet.
Quick Updater...I rang the friend i mentioned in my first post to see if he knew where i could get a guitar from and it turns out that he has a Fender Squeir (hope i spelt that right) that i can have for free , It hasn't been played for a number of years and has been kept in a case all that time, roughly 5 or 6 years, says it will probably need a service, new strings etc, but its saved me some cash if it works ok. Now looking for advice on other things like strings and amp etc.
Don't need an amp thats over powerful as i will just be using it for practicing alone, probably 15 watts max ?. Also just starting again would i be better with light strings ?
Thanks for reading
WizhunterI'm in a similar situation to yours, but only five years away before I just came back to guitar about a week ago. My fingers were extremely sore when I first started again, but feeling better the more time I spend with the guitar everyday.

I bought a Jackson Dinky JS32 and going to buy a Marshall MG10CF in a couple of days. I don't know if that is the best, but seems ok considering the low prices. At least its good enough to get me started again and then I can put some money aside for better gear later, so I'm happy with that. The most popular string gauge seems to be 9-46 and I don't see you having any trouble bending those strings. Its probably the string gauge I will use and I have almost always used D'addario strings - that is not going to change.

I'm in the UK also and I like to buy from Gear4music, because I found them to be very dependable and fast delivery.
Tony DoneRight now, its just the price that matters more than sounding great. I have reasonable expectations based on the low price and so its good enough for me until I get the Marshall DSL amp and cab that I really want.
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I thought 5 watt would be way to small, just shows how out of touch i am concerning power lol. I like most genre's of music from ballads to light rock, even enjoyed punk in its day. I won't be wanting to play anything to heavy, don't think i suit that type of music at my age lol. Love the Beatles especially George Harrisons Songs, Jeff Lynne and ELO, Dire Straits alsorts really. Peter Greene from Fleetwood Mac is my first guitar hero. so pretty much anything except heavy thrash type music
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I thought 5 watt would be way to small, just shows how out of touch i am concerning power lol. I like most genre's of music from ballads to light rock, even enjoyed punk in its day. I won't be wanting to play anything to heavy, don't think i suit that type of music at my age lol. Love the Beatles especially George Harrisons Songs, Jeff Lynne and ELO, Dire Straits alsorts really. Peter Greene from Fleetwood Mac is my first guitar hero. so pretty much anything except heavy thrash type music
Probably you could find a Roland Cube or a Vox Valvetronix in your budget that would make you pretty happy for those types of things, though my experience with both amps is quite a while back so someone might contradict me.

5W is plenty; however a lot of the time the 5W version of an amp range available in various sizes will have very limited features. The vast majority of solid state and modelling amps have master volumes so you don't need to worry about getting something "too big".

Oh, and regarding string gauges, 10-46 is probably the "standard" for electrics. 9-42 is light, and many feel it's a good option for starting out for that reason. There are benefits to light strings (easier bending and fretting - good for fast stuff on the left hand especially) and benefits to heavier ones (react better to heavy picking without sounding out of tune, more predictable for fast picking) and at the end of the day it's an individual decision where you find the best compromise.
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5w of solid state isn't as much as 5w of tube power, as they are rated on a different basis, and it also varies with speaker efficiency, but it should still be ample for a man cave situation. I have a 5w tube amp, with a 12dB power soak that bring it to less than 0.5W. Even then I don't have the volume up past 12 o'clock.
I'm going to go out of the box here. Computers have come a loooong way for guitar.

For just getting things going check out the RockSmith video game - I'm dead serious. You get the tone of your favorite artists with the click of a button and you can start playing songs/riffs that you want.

Buy the best Epiphone Les Paul that you can and RockSmith. Enjoy the hell out of it and worry about the rest later.

I also strongly suggest saving some of your budget for lessons from a human - lots of Skype options if you can't get out. Accelerate the learning curve by learning how to properly hold the guitar, hold the neck, hold the pick, the basics of what's what on the fretboard, etc. You'll enjoy the overall experience more.

Rock on!!
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Really appreciate the responses guys, been looking on ebay for an amp and the Roland cube actually looks pretty good plus you can update the amp through i phone to get different sounds, thing is it's hard to get the actual size of something from a photo but i guess it will be ok. I pretty much remember the basics its just putting them into practice and the computer idea sounds great as i build pc's i should be able to set something up.
The Squier is coming this afternoon sometime, just hope it works ok with it being stood so long. Also ordered some Ernie Ball super slinky strings, hope they are ok. just other bits and bats to get like plectrums a strap and a stand, Guitar already has a hard case that i hope he gives me as well.
Once again Thanks Very Much for the advice you have all given me it really is appreciated

Good luck, dude. I'm starting over again after 2 days of pause. Lost everything.
Good for you Whizhunter for getting back on the saddle. If I dont play for 2 days, I get withdrawals. On the subject of tight budgets, pawn shops, flea markets, Craigslist is good.Keep those strings vibrating.
I don't know why everyone suggests pawn shops. I went to 5 the other day. I saw six. Count 'em on one hand, six amps worth writing home about at a starter level. I just bought my first guitar (Bass owner) and was looking for something starter level on the 2nd hand market and it plain didn't exist. You need a whirlwind type situation of musicians, money and drugs, where Musicians can sell their instruments for drugs, or money which they can exchange for drugs, to have a burgeoning second hand instrument scene. I don't live in California, so there aren't a hell of a lot of musicians here, but there is plenty of drugs and money, so there does seem to be a correlation here. I recall OP saying they lived in the UK. So unless he's in Liverpool in the 60's, I wanna say not the strongest guitar scene across the pond right now...

The point of this stoned rant is that I couldn't find a cheap starter amp, pawn shops suck, and I think I'm going to buy a Katana 50.

Have a great day!
I was thinking of getting a Peavey Vypyr amp the came across a Roland 40 XL so ordered that, seen a few reviews on it and video's and it doesn't sound that bad although really you can't tell with it coming through PC speakers. Do you think i made the right choice ?