What are your parents like? You can talk about stepparents too if you want.

Right now my parents are arguing about stuff. My dad is a big baby so when he's in a bad mood he starts saying mean things for no reason. He started on her about how she runs up the credit cards and then she started talking about how he is lazy and sleeps all day and won't get a job and then he starts on about how she cheated on him. They both cheated on each other a lot over the years. My mom was probably worse if we are talking about quantity but my dad was a lot worse in terms of how bad individual incidents were. I sort of became acquainted with my dad's girlfriend's (from around 10 years ago) son. Some crazy stories there.

They're both pretty terrible people. Their 30th anniversary is coming up next year. They always talk about how they are only sayings together for the kids but that only ever makes things worse since we all know they don't get along and we all know about most of the stuff they have done. My dad has never really been physically abusive but he has always been very verbally abusive.

I just really don't like my parents. They have never really been supportive of me and they have never been understanding of any problems that I have had. I really can't and certainly don't talk to them about anything. I avoid talking to them in general and do my best not to keep them up to date on what I do (on a day-to-day, week-to-week, month-to-month, etc basis).

So what about you? Do you have a good relationship with your parents? Do they have a good relationship with each other? Are they divorced, separated, still together, etc? Dead? Etc, etc, etc.
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My Mom's real cool. My Dad's been through some hard stuff, but still turned out to be racist and mean. Mom sticks it through for my little sister, who has autism and still lives at home.
By the way, I don't really like when my parents fight. It's not that it bothers me that they fight. It's just that they are stupid and have nothing clever to say. This pretty much sums it up:

The worst was about 10 years ago when we were in Disney and they started yelling at each other in public.
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It's also kind of pathetic when my dad says he is going to hang out with his friend. My mom thinks that he is meeting up with some woman but in actuality he is going to meet up with his boyfriend. My mom has a girlfriend though who is I think living with her boyfriend (don't think the two of them are married). I don't get why my dad has a boyfriend and my mom has a girlfriend but they don't accept me being queer.
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Like what I don't get is why they don't just agree to see other people even if they still stay married.
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That must suck.

My father was very abusive for most of his married life, to the point where all of us hated him and my mother openly said that she made a mistake marrying him. My older siblings say that he used to drink a lot, although I wasn't born back then. It messed up all of us hugely, ruined our self-esteem for a long time and made us dislike each other because whenever he wanted to win one sibling's favour, he would mistreat the other siblings in front of him or her. There is a lot I just typed up and deleted, but I generally gauge it from the fact that when I was six and at a friend's house his father came home and I was dumbfounded that he went to hug his father and his father hugged back. Before that I thought all fathers were abusive and self-absorbed and you had to run and hide when they came home.

Now that he's older and all his children no longer live at home or something, I think he's trying to be better, but it's kind of too late now. I find it irksome now when he tries to 'be a father figure' now because he never was back when his children actually needed it and it just looks ridiculous now. He's still as self-centred, but I don't hate him anymore; the rest of my siblings still do. We don't talk much, but whenever we do it's very formal and I go entire conversations just saying short "yes"es.

I love my mother more than anything because I can't help it, but she's been a terrible parent. We're two sets of siblings with an age gap of about ten years between us, and she always made us - the second set - feel like an inconvenience. From ages 5 to 9 we were dumped at a teacher's house right after school until bedtime, and after that was always off with her friends to dinner parties or to shop or just 'socialize', all day every single day, right up until I finished high school. Neither of my parents felt the responsibility to actually talk to their children about their day.
She started caring once I left home, like my father did, and our relationship is pretty good now as long as I don't remind her of her failings as a parent.

They weren't really parents and said as much to me when we got in an argument, and they usually can't even remember my name (they either use my brother's name or start with his name and remember halfway through that I have a different one - this has been the case since childhood btw, not because they're getting older), but it's gotten better since I don't have to live with them anymore. They clearly don't love each other but they're still together because they're very mindful about keeping up their public image and getting divorced at that age wouldn't do them any good.
My mom definitely spoils me, but I say I'm pretty fair in return. My dad is there when I need him. Helps out with things a lot. Both are good parents (mom maybe slightly better at it though).

As for how they get along with each other... well... I've mentioned it before in my "are your parents happily together" thread, but my dad is NOT a team player and often treats my mom like an annoyance. He gets in a rotten mood, usually over the tiniest, stupidest things. Even more stupid is the way he goes around thinking he's Jesus Christ and is blameless for literally everything he doesn't like because somehow it's mom's fault. But in reality, it's my mom who puts up with him 100% of the time and doesn't put up a fight about it because if she did then he just gets angry and throws a tantrum like a little kid and doesn't bother trying to think logically. Maybe not verbally or physically abusive, but mentally maybe. If that's a thing. He's just got issues and it comes at her expense.

Oh, and he usually solves these issues by going out drinking with his friends every 3 or 4 times a week and coming home drunk. My mom obviously doesn't want this, but he ignores her and will turn off his phone when he does it, despite maybe having something important she needs to freaking talk about. Then she gets mad at him and he usually just puts it off as "whatever, I don't care, I'm drunk and happy so I'm going to ignore you because you'll just bring me down".

Don't get me wrong though, it isn't like this all the time. They have their ups and downs (depending on how he feels and for how long). He takes her out every now and then (but it's usually my mom or even me who takes him out because money is another issue with him). They'll talk and laugh and get along and all that, but overall, its definitely not the happiest marriage. Though I suppose, even if they don't show it, maybe there's a hint of affection when they're both at their happiest.

Plus, I think he realized this the other day so as of recently he's been avoiding drinking and seems to be a little happier. He's making an effort, which is respectable, but I've seen it come and go before, so I hope it lasts.
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Even though we often disagree with one another, my parents tried their best to raise my sister and me, and I'm very lucky to have them. They continue to be very supportive even when I feel like I've long outstayed my welcome. They argue about petty things but that's inevitable when you've been together for 30 years.
my parents are still together. they argue and fight about petty things like all parents do, but they "love" each-other in some way I guess. sort of like how your parents love you no matter what, just a close bond. I have decent relationship with both of them,even though we don't have a lot in common and they don't understand me all the time, but I can appreciate all they have done for me my whole life. all of my friends got "caught" doing drugs, dating, stumbling home at 2am drunk af, but my parents never caught me doing any of that stuff, so they never really argued with me and I didn't get into any major trouble growing up lol.
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Not great. Not great. I don't know if they're still together exactly, I don't understand their relationship. They're together because my mom wants economic security and my dad doesn't want to be alone.

With regards to their parenting, my dad's kinda like your dad I guess. Big baby. Things have to go his way otherwise the world grinds to a halt. I have been working to improve our relationship though, because I don't want to be entirely without family. This means a lot of avoidance of certain discussions. I just try not to think of all the ways he's not a good person and I suppose he does the same for me under his rubric of immorality. He's sort of a patriarch in not a good way and has been abusive to both of us or, well, now only verbally so to me. We had a violent falling out when I was 15 and stopped communicating for three years. But he's also about fifty something now and grew up in the Middle East with what seems like a worse dad than him. He was always just sort of a lazy dad. I see him with children now and that unveils so much about his parenting. I suppose it's cuz I'm examining it from a distance instead of a childhood memory in which i was the subject. I only very lately realized that I eclipse him in size. Something about that is very sad and wrong to me. He's constantly at the doctor's for one reason or another. I guess that's partially why I'm trying to keep us amicable.

My mom is poison. I would characterize her as a monster. She's very, very calculated and resentful. She would (and has) conjure a storm against the well-being of others being put above her own desires, not well-being. As in if she wanted to buy something but my dad used the money to take me to the doctor cuz I'm in pain, then that's a big no-no for her and I'd be asked to lie to her about the cost of doctor visits. The funny thing is I used to think she was a victim and would feel guilty for her just all the time until I got older and realized that she's full of shit. She purposely uses guilt as a weapon. Like she'd tell me that I don't love her because I can't lend her money, or would answer my calls with "Don't you care about me?". She lies to everyone's face and if she gets caught in a lie, immediately turns to anger or laughs it off as just a thing she does. Abusive in worse ways than my dad ever was. A fist you can take, emotional issues take a while to overcome. But of course she's been stuck in one of two marriages ever since she was 18 and has relied a lot on either husband, so I sort of understand the manipulation. We don't talk. Haven't for a year now.

I'm not particularly angry at them anymore. A constant frustration I confront is wishing I'd had finer parents who brought me up to be a principled, disciplined, selfless person in the sense that these traits are "in my blood", in that I originated from them. Instead I've had to figure this stuff out on my own. If they were totally ascetic and didn't communicate to me that it's okay to lie and take the easy way out of everything, or that this is what normality is, then I'd have found those qualities much gruelling to achieve. A lot of my anger when I was a teenager was directed at good parents. I'm not sure how or why but if my friends' parents were supportive and a little strict (more like guidance than ultimatums) yet still trusting I'd just feel like we were from wholly alien universes. I've always been a little hesitant to use terms like "My parents" or "My dad", but I can't say that they're solely biological parents either. It's like they're in this obscure categorical space between absent and available.

I'm glad I didn't turn out like my half-sister, though. I think she never really explored who she is except through family. She's histrionic when push comes to shove. Manipulative but more blatant about it than my mother. Living with her was a nightmare. And I say all this stuff knowing that they're all victims of each other. Like when I'm angry I think they deserve one another, but I am acutely aware of how their dysfunction is symbiotic. They'd probably be better people if they went their separate paths. They used to do the whole "We're divorcing, so choose who you'll go with" and "Nah we're gonna stay for the children" thing all the time. Just divorce lol. I think I even once said "I don't care, so divorce" in response to that cuz it had been brought up a couple of times.

Some days I think I'm glad things were this way. I'm very self-reliant. My interest in semiotics actually started as a result of my mother. Bad parents give you a good baseline of what not to do, but it's still worrisome that I see their attributes in myself, especially when dealing with children.
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My parents are pretty great.

My dad is highly critical, thinking wise (not in terms of just chatting with people). Very self-sufficient and a big fan of building things (or, at least, does it so much he appear to enjoy it). Always looking to learn. But also socially inept (thanks, dad) and has some severe empathy problems. Tends to prefer small company that can be related to. Quiet nights in and living in the middle of nowhere.

Mum is highly caring. Self-sufficient and very sociable with a streak of leave-me-the-fuck-alone running under it. For whatever reason she follows through on socialising. Likes to get good at one particular thing and move on to the next one while continuing with the old thing. Currently that's horse riding. She lacks critical thinking skills, however, and is highly defensive when things are called into question. Nonetheless she has a powerful drive to do something new and exciting, and in that respect she's highly successful.

You can probably imagine why they divorced (and who I ended up spending ten years of my life with). Though I'm irritated by them ultimately I enjoy their company and appreciate their helping me when I as a nutcase for a few years.

My step-parents (both bio parents re-married) are both cool to wavering degrees. There's a territory issue with my step father in so far as he feels the need to urinate in the corners of rooms, and I couldn't give a fuck about that, but he's also principled, very business savvy and has a huge heart when he wants to have it. Relatable things could be said of my step-mum, though her strong points tend to be her unwillingness to get wrapped up in stuff she doesn't care about and general warmth as a person.

I tend to take most from my biological father, though I lack his immediate thinking skills (I'm stronger when I've got time to think and refine an argument or idea) and am able to fake a personality to get by a bit better.
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My parents are pretty broken people. My mum is an airhead that can't hold an intellectual conversation whatsoever, has a childish sense of humor but doesn't understand meta jokes. She dances and sings cringingly when Strictly Come Dancing comes on the television. She has antiquated views when it comes to mental health and the thinks that when someone is trying to explain to her that she's having a hard time to understand, she just gives up and walks away. She also like to interrupt people when they're having a conversation which is incredibly annoying. Overall a pretty simple-minded and pragmatic person.

My dad on the other hand is almost the compete opposite. He's highly intelligent and critical but quite sociopathic because of a stroke affecting a section of his brain that regulates his emotions. He doesn't feel much emotion at all but anger. He has said to me that he wouldn't give a fuck if I was dead. He has smashed up my possessions when I don't meet his demands. He can be quite confrontational, which for a man who weighs 350lbs and 6'3 is pretty scary. He continues to be an extremely bitter and cynical individual who always assumes the worst motivations in everyone but his immediate family. He enjoys being a cynical asshole.

But despite of all those flaws, they both will always have my love and respect.
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My parents are pretty great.

My dad is highly critical, thinking wise (not in terms of just chatting with people). Very self-sufficient and a big fan of building things (or, at least, does it so much he appear to enjoy it). Always looking to learn. But also socially inept (thanks, dad) and has some severe empathy problems. Tends to prefer small company that can be related to. Quiet nights in and living in the middle of nowhere.

Mum is highly caring. Self-sufficient and very sociable with a streak of leave-me-the-fuck-alone running under it. For whatever reason she follows through on socialising. Likes to get good at one particular thing and move on to the next one while continuing with the old thing. Currently that's horse riding. She lacks critical thinking skills, however, and is highly defensive when things are called into question. Nonetheless she has a powerful drive to do something new and exciting, and in that respect she's highly successful.

You can probably imagine why they divorced (and who I ended up spending ten years of my life with). Though I'm irritated by them ultimately I enjoy their company and appreciate their helping me when I as a nutcase for a few years.

I know how you feel. The difference is only that my parents are still married after 30 years. They admit to not loving one another, but stay together for the kids and for greater financial security. My dad had to retire at 55, which puts him in a vulnerable position.
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my mom's alright. annoying at times. i live in her house so i can't complain. procrastinator. bad at cleaning.

my dad's alright too. he's kind of a big dork tho. kinda like Dave Chapelle's white guy as far as the way he speaks. clean freak/control freak.

p much polar opposites.
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My dad is highly critical, thinking wise (not in terms of just chatting with people). Very self-sufficient and a big fan of building things (or, at least, does it so much he appear to enjoy it). Always looking to learn. But also socially inept (thanks, dad) and has some severe empathy problems. Tends to prefer small company that can be related to. Quiet nights in and living in the middle of nowhere.

son i hav returnedd

(srsly, sounds exactly like me just with a few tweaks)

I was kind of putting off talking about mine considering how much we rely on each other as a family but this could also be a good rant time.

So, there's a massive age gap. They've been together 25 years-ish. Both of them are almost 3 times my age (I'm 24 btw) and they've both never really left the early 1970's in terms of personal development.

I'm not quite sure how I'd describe dad without being long-winded.
He is crushingly old fashioned. The last form of new music he cared about was the original Tears For Fears version of Mad World, for instance. Despite being purely Irish in ancestry, he is as typical and grumpy an old englishman in an armchair as there could be. Staunch Catholic, fire and brimstone type stuff, voted Tory consistently since he was eligible to.
He's quite personable if a little quiet. Managed to make a butt ton of friends over the years, most of them he still talks to well into respective retirements. His humour is terrible, ranging from flimsy, obvious puns, typical dad jokes or Jim Davidsons brand of Daily Mail racism and crybaby 'soft outrage'. (kind of dresses like him too, cardigans and tasteless 70's glasses frames and everything)
We've got on pretty well, in fairness.. It's only when I was a teenager that he couldn't quite grasp some problems I was having with schools and socialising, that then went into me kind of burning away a lot of the expectations he had for me (he wanted me to be in the clergy, u kno. Catholic school and church twice a week). Now, we very rarely agree on anything, but don't fight about it either so there's no bad blood and usually just don't talk about 'pointed' things.
I will say that he isn't a prick and never once did anything to harm anyone ever. He goes out of his way to be generous, even with people he'll have an open bias for. Just don't ask him for a well thought out opinion on anything, he tries to remind me that critical thinking skills 'aren't worth the time'.

I can also say that if it weren't for a few appearance indicators (eye sets, face shape, voice range, etc), people would say we're unrelated.

Mum's quite different. While she falls into the same political spectrum these days, she tries even harder to be more sociable. She is an active busy-body who likes to pre-empt people with what she thinks they're going to say next. While I think it's an honest attempt at trying to understand things, it actually makes her seem a bit patronising.
I get on with her much better than dad cuz we actually talk about things, dad just doesn't try half the time (he's old, bless). We disagree much more violently though, not in a physical sense but definitely verbal. I like looking up interesting factoids or ideas and she likes to challenge them from her 'biblical' perspective. It's quite arduous really: she thinks she does 'research' but she's never undertaken or demonstrated any kind of identifiable method of research whereas I'm quite a literalist and a skeptic who's been through rounds of higher education.
She's probably more sad than dad is that I didn't end up in any way as they envisioned, although for perplexing reasons. I'll just leave it at 'biblical stuff' but she goes to a crazy church (which is too weird even for dad) as a self-identified christian but only reads the torah and 'jewish approved' bibles, wants an enactment of the book of Revelations for some kind of obscure prophecy relating to mangled Zionism and almost exclusively gets her news from the Daily Telegraph or obscure Israeli news sites.
She isn't actively malicious but she is very, very bad at dealing with her own problems. Unless she can physically work it out, it confounds her and makes her morose. Then she gets very hairpin trigger with her temper and moods. I have woken up at 4am and she's singing gospel music in the kitchen when she was asleep nary 10 minutes ago.

Thing is, there's nothing we hate about each other and we're all supportive. I don't necessarily enjoy being around them all the time as there're almost no interests that I share with them but compared to pretty much everyone else in my extended family, we're actually fucking pillars of stability.

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definitely, heart attack survivors are delicate beings

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yes every night of my entire life i go to bed crying because i wasnt born american
I love my parents. Growing up I used to hate them for their opinions, then I realized that I was just being a brat lol. I grew to realize that they were pretty much misguided in their way of seeing the world, but I guess that's what you get growing up in a third world country. They spoil me so much, even now that I'm an adult heading to college soon. They do this mainly because they didn't have much growing up, plus my dad's dad was abusive. They are the nicest people you'll meet. Though, they are annoying, but in a way that I find funny. They have some backward views on society, but again, different time, different country. They only have a handful of friends though, probably why I grew up introverted. They seem to be each other's best friend, which I like.
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My mother's awesome. My father's pretty cool with everyone else except to my mother and I, to whom he treats miserably and verbally abusively. He used to be a pretty cool person, but he just kept getting worse on the last 10 years or so. My mother's passivity through the times also helped, as he basically gets away with all the shit he says to her with little retaliation. He does nothing but complain and give orders to anyone. He sounds like all he helps at home, he does so in order to give him more to complain. Add egocentrism, intolerant remarks of all sorts and that's basically the shitty person he is. Whenever I'm alone with my mom at home, stuff's usually harmonious with the occasional typical quarrel from time to time, but most of the time, when there's the three of us, the mood is mainly toxic.

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Both my parents have their faults but they are only human and I love them no matter what

Mum is very caring/mothering which is great but can sometimes be too much, me and my brother area her prized possessions, and she a pretty understanding person

Dad is just chill and banter and a highly supporting person I've probably got more of his personality than my mum's, sometimes we can clash heads on opinions like Brexit and such but no matter what we don't let it between us
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They're great. I don't always get along with them but we are very close and I truly admire them.
my parents were soulmates. They met as teenagers on the dance floor of a tango club in Buenos Aires, Argentina. According to my dad, it was love at first sight. According to my mom, she finally danced with him because it seemed to be the only way to stop him from bugging her. My sisters and I were born there. We moved to Montreal, Quebec Canada. My parents never fought or argued.. but they had normal disagreements at times. My father always conceded to my moms wisdom and their minor bickering ended with a peck on the cheek. They kept the love alive.and never lied or cheated. They were still 'at it' well into their late 60's. In the end, when my mom got sick with thyroid cancer, the doctors gave her 2 years. My dad died first and they couldn't figure out how he passed away. I think he willed himself to go. He couldn't live with out her.. My mom proved the doctors wrong and lived for another 6 years. Now they are dancing together somewhere............ I miss them and wish every one had parents like mine. My wife and I are also very very much in love and it's been going strong for 14 blissful years.... until I sing, and then the dukes fly up.
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Bith my parents are astounding.

My dad cane from a broken home. His dad died when my dad was thirteen from cirrhosis. Dad worked two jobs while he was in highschool and mind of lived alone. His mom had some metal health stuff that got worse after his dad died, and his brothers were kind of mia at the time. During college he was worried that he'd end up like the other barflies if he didn't do something so he joined the airforce. He was stationed in Italy and learned the laungage. He met a brittish trucker that supplied the base and traveled all over europe with him.

He got back to the states, met mom and had me and my sister. He is a 6th don blackbelt in taekwondo and a few other diciplines and trained under Master Ahn.

He could have turned out real shitty considering how his life was growing up, but he turned his life into something more.

He works really hard amd gets up around 5 everyday. I worry that he isn't getting enough sleep and that is or will adversely affect him. Meanwhile, I'm taking a college class here or there with no real direction. Still living at home.

I think he is very proud that he was here for me when his dad wasn't. He never tried to make do the things he was interested in and always let me follow my passions.

My Mom came from a wonderfull family. She is more like me. Alternative, artsy, not quite at home with society. We can both be social and are well liked, but we don't get it. People seem to enjoy going to bars are parties or whatever, but it doesn't appeal to us. She homeschooled me and my sister (not a biblethumper) Now that we are college age, she is going through what I'm going through. Neither of us know what we want to do with our lives, but she's in her 50s, so it's worse for her. I think she is predisposed to mild depression amd might be experiencing that now.

She gives and gives and gives to others. She will always help if she can, so much so that she sometimes tries to do too much, yet she always manages it. She is deeply spiritual, which brings her great comfort. My behavior as a child actually led her to the spiritual path she is on. Looking to find help for me.

Things are a bit stressed right now, what with dad working so much and mom looking at the vast expanse of her future, while me and my sister do the same. We'll get through it.

I have painted them in a very good light. They both have their faults, as everyone does, but I am absurdly lucky to have them as parents.

The older I get, the more I realize how fortunate I am.

Now maybe I should tell them this haha
My parents are both pretty cool. For the most part they've been very good to me. My dad is a lot more chill though.

They both came from poor families, and thus they struggled most of my childhood and teen years. My mom rarely worked because she's a bit airheaded and can't hold a job very long. My dad always kept factory jobs.

My dad gave me I wanted when he could, which wasn't often, but he always lit up when he saw me happy. My mom was always really religious and didn't care to give me "worldly" things.

My mom decided to intrude and go through my PC when I was 19, and forced me out of the closet. She cut off our internet and forced our whole family through misery just because I was gay. My dad did not give one shit about my sexual orientation, but he didn't force her to stop her shenanigans. I dont know what was going on there honestly. She finally got really chill about it a year or two later, but a few more years later started giving me lectures again on how my lifestyle is wrong. Whatever.

They're not really compatible, my mom leeches off him and he doesnt have the balls to stand up for himself and I can tell he would feel too bad if he left her, even though she's cheated twice. They both seem miserable honestly. But I think my dad would be lonely without her, and my mom would literally die if he didn't support her.

I love my parents though and wishing for better ones would be unrealistic. I was never a problem child and they weren't abusive or terrible in any way. Everything has ways just been kind of average. That's a good thing in my book.
They've been good. my dad's a workaholic. Growing up I'd really only see him weekends and then that became just Sundays. My mom was extremely religious growing up, but has cooled off. We talk occasionally. I think a lot of my independent nature comes from the fact that my dad was always working and my mom was not approachable because of her religious beliefs.
In the grand scheme of things, my parents are pretty alright.

Tbh though, I really don't understand how they're together. My Mum is very conservative and proper, and not very outgoing. My Dad is the polar opposite. My childhood was rather sparse of entertainment or any real social interaction. We lived in a tiny dot on the map and never had a lot of interaction outside of family....it's sort of haunted me into my adult years. My parents are really nice and mean well, but they can also be super boring....at times my mum can appear quite cold, and to be honest, I can't remember the last time she told me she loved me.

But I always had food to eat, a bed to sleep in and things like that....so I guess it could have been worse
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Can't complain too much.

Agree! They are your parents.
Sometimes they really don't understand our feeling, but the truth is they are different generation.
So just try to calm down. Easy to say hard to do. LOL
My parents are pretty happy with eachother as far as I know. They always go out on trips and dates together and seem to genuinely have fun.

I have a good relationship with them too. I mean once in a while we have disagreements but its never like end of the world, everything is failing scenarios. Usually just minor things that get sorted out quick enough.
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I incurred the wrath of the Association of White Knights. Specifically the Parent's Basement branch of service.
Took my mom to a museum in Amsterdam today. We walked in, the door man guy said hello, my mom responds with a genuinely bewildered "Huh? Have we met before?"

Yeah, spending time with my parents is awesome
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My mom is super nice and supportive but is getting kinda old and gets sick a lot and forgets things. My dad is dead but he was nice, just very quiet and didn't really try too hard to be a good role model. He only had a job the first like 8 years of my life and then kinda mooched off my mom. But he was always nice to the family so that's enough imo.