Looking for a guitar amp under 300. playing an epiphone les paul standard and looking to upgrade from the puny frontman 25r so can play larger gigs. play lots of grateful dead/allman brothers/phish. amp recommendations plz. need at least 50 watts and preferably combo so don't have to buy cab. don't give me any advertisement crap that i have gotten before.
classic 30 off craigslist maybe? or a delta blues? only 30 watts but loud enough to get over most drummers and stay sorta clean-ish.

where are you at? US? UK? Australia?
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Peavey Vypyr VIP 2. Its 40 watts but its fucking loud as hell. It gets louder than my half stack i had before 100 watts, on like 6. I can barely nudge it past one without blasting my ears, and it isnt like spiked volume that shit gets epic when i start cranking it. It definitely gets to ear bleed level. No need to be louder than that and its clear throughout.