I've been playing my CE24 for about a year now, and as much as I love it, god the rotary switch is a fuck around. Impossible to accurately switch on stage with how you have to awkwardly wrench your wrist (they're surprisingly stiff), no way of quickly seeing what setting you're on, and the middle positions with all the out of phase jazz are kind of useless imo. I have no idea what Paul was snorting when he thought of just slapping a volume knob over it and call it a day.

So along with ditching the old tuners, I'm gonna do the other thing everyone does, chuck a 3 way toggle with a push/pull tone pot in. However here in Australia, PRS's official part is nearly $120, yeah, no thanks. Anyone recommendations for 3 way toggles w/ a tone push pull pot? Preferably without having to do any reaming, if I can I'd prefer just to do it all at home, but reaming is something I don't have the tools for. I've heard Warmoth makes good parts, but I don't know if they have an Australian dealer.
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