Hi guys,

I'm on the first year of my Music Production degree at Hull college and I would really appreciate it if anyone was to take the time to fill out my questionnaire. For this module I'm supposed to take the role of a music marketing agent and conduct methods of market research to identify a target audience and to discover the most effective ways of promoting myself as an artist. If people have any suggestions of how I can change the questionnaire or use better methods of research then please feel free to comment!

( I had wondered if this should be posted in the promotion thread rather then the pit however my aim in this post is not for promotion, it is for constructive feedback and responses to my questionnaire.)

Thanks, link bellow!



Loved the instrumental btw
A poem.
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Good job on the survey itself, simple criteria for easy-to-interpret results.

Instrumental idea's pretty good, although I think that track itself is a bit unfulfilling. Same section repeated 3 times is ehhhhh, but there's groundwork for a really good song there.

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